Good morning.
- What are you making?
- Avocado omelet.

How about sausage and peppers?
Sausage and peppers?
Next time your mom and dad come to visit.

Yeah, I don't even have the time.
You got plenty of time, take your vitamins.
No, I want to get there early.
Introduce myself to the guys.

Sam, can you do me a favor?
Just this once, try and remember...
that you don't have to set the world on fire
your first day.

I know, just be myself.
I said, you don't have
to set the world on fire.

Like, be mellow?
Carol, that's so West Coast.
- Kid, never marry a girl from the West Coast.
- I don't like girls.

Well, don't marry a boy
from the West Coast either.

Avocado omelet up.
I gotta go. Be good, I love you.
- My hero, are you nervous?
- No.

A little.
I thought so.
She does that to me all the time, too.
All right, Captain,
I'm working on it right now.

- Why don't you quit smoking, too?
- I'm trying.

I think, beyond that,
you got to go through Capt. Blakely...

except you don't wanna do that.
He's a jerk-off.

You're better off going through
his secretary Francine, over there.

This is gonna be your desk.
Just scrape that shit off,
put your stuff in the drawer.

Everybody, listen up.
This is Sam Dietz.
He's gonna be working with me now.

How're you doing?