- Dinner's great.
- How's the roast?

Are you kidding me?
Red meat instead of tofu?

I think I died and went to heaven.
Well, it's a special occasion.
It's your first dinner as a dick.
What's a dick?
That's another word for detective.
How was your day?
Thank you for asking.
It was very good. I picked up a new client.

No kidding.
A little restaurant on Union, the Rathskeller.
They need a dozen ferns
and a couple of trees.

It's gonna be cute.
Ferns? That's great.
All right. Sam, what happened then?
All right, so I'm trying
to piece this thing together...

get some clues.
This clown, all he wants to do is stand
around and wait for the report to come in.

That sounds reasonable.
That's not how we did it in New York.
Honey, maybe that's how they do it in LA.
Did we check the basement?
This broken window here?

Son of a bitch!
- What time?
- Dispatch got the call at 6:48.

They traced it here 6:52.
First wheels got here about 7:22.

Come on. Did you get a load of this place?
I bet it's worth $2.5 million
if it's worth a nickel.

Come on, what have we got here?
We got ourselves a stiff: Angela Taylor,
Caucasian, age 39. Occupation: Songwriter.

I actually caught her on
The Cosby Show once plugging her stuff.

She was a great-looking broad.
Anyway, the guy comes in
through the skylight...

chases her downstairs,
strangles her with a piano wire...

- he sticks her in a dryer.
- No, he didn't.

- He found her in the dryer.
- What, no mildew again?

No, she kicked the shit out of the insides.