Read this. No clues, no nothing.
- What is it?
- The asshole left it.

You're kidding.
"Where are police
when you really need them?"

- Funny. Heard there was a girl.
- Yeah, and our friend killed her, too.

Look, I hope you don't think
this is useless bullshit...

- but isn't there something strange?
- Hold on a second.

- Arthur Taylor?
- Yeah.

Todd Arthur.
Angela Taylor.
It's as plain as the nose on your face.

What is?
Arthur Taylor. This is the guy
we're really after. Come on.

Let's go talk to the news people.
Anybody talks to you, just say,
"No habla ingl├ęs."

- Yeah, sure.
- Good kid.

Just hold off on the name thing
for 48 hours...

and I promise to give you
everything we've got.

What time did the attack take place?
- What time?
- 7:15.

Who are you kidding?
You won't go on record
that this was another Sunset murder?

No comment.
You're calling it that, we're not.

Does this look like Sunset Boulevard?
What are you trying to do? Start a panic?
- Do you have a description of him?
- No.

What are you so grumpy about?
I think you're wrong.
And you don't wanna listen.

This guy is a psychopath.
I'm not arguing with you.
He's a psychopath.

- No, I don't think he's gonna stop.
- He'll stop when we nail him.

- You just don't give a shit!
- Who the hell is raining on your parade?

You are, man.
You think I handled that well?
I love you.
What do you want me to say? No?

I felt like punching the guy's lights out
because he just won't listen.

Have you tried being reasonable?
I mean, just sitting him down
and discussing it calmly with him?

Sure, you know me.
Yes, I do know you,
and that's why I'm asking.

We've been through
this same thing before, remember?