If you say, "I told you so,"
I'll bust you in the chops.

- He hit again last night. Twice.
- What?

Yeah. I just got the call.
Connely's already on it.

- You there?
- Yeah.

Why don't I come by and pick you up?
You wanna pick me up? Why?
You know, carpools save energy.
Give us a chance to talk.
Okay, bulldog.
Guess what the two stiffs had in common?

They're both named Arthur Taylor.
We made the papers.
"Hollywood division detectives
Bill Malloy and Sam Dietz...

"refused to disclose anything
regarding the double murder at the scene.

"Police officials will neither confirm
nor deny...

"that this latest crime
was the work of the so-called Sunset killer.

"But Detective Malloy did call the murders:
"'The senseless acts of a sick mind."'
By the way...
I understand the nutcase pen pal
sent us a hot note.

Something like,
"I'm getting closer, are you?"

How many more Arthur Taylors
are there in the phone book?

- I'm way ahead of you.
- Maybe we should see if they're still alive.

I already called it in.
If they are, we ought to tell them
Tijuana is nice at this time.

That's a good idea.