Roger & Me

I was kind of a strange child.
My parents knew early on
that something was wrong with me.

I crawled backwards until I was two...
but had Kennedy's inaugural address
memorized by the time I was six.

It all began when my mother didn't
show up for my first birthday party...

because she was having my sister.
My dad tried to cheer me up
by letting me eat the whole cake.

I knew then
there had to be more to life than this.

When I was a kid, I thought only
three people worked for General Motors:

Pat Boone, Dinah Shore and my dad.
Our hometown of Flint, Michigan,
was the birthplace of General Motors...

the largest corporation in the world.
There were more auto factories and
workers here than in any city on Earth.

We built Cadillacs, Buicks,
and Fisher bodies...

GM trucks, Chevrolets,
and AC spark plugs.

We enjoyed a prosperity
that working people had never seen.

And the city was grateful to the company.
With the whole city rocking,
Flint, Michigan, throws a birthday party.

It's for the people of General Motors
on their 50th anniversary.

Pat Boone celebrates with a song.
The promise of the future is the keynote
set by GM President, Harlow Curtis.