Roger & Me

- How does it feel? I feel like a supporter.
- Of?

- Does it matter of what?
- A supporter of General Motors?

Of just being here for the people.
Is it the parade?

When you pass stores that are boarded-up
and people that are laid off...

how does that make you feel
on a personal level?

A little sad.
Of course, I'm for employment...

and working in Michigan.
And, hopefully, it's just temporarily.
So, I just keep my fingers crossed
that they'll be back working soon.

I'm trying to stay neutral. I'm going to
Miss America in two weeks, and I don't...

- It's a great day for a parade, isn't it?
- It's beautiful. I can't believe the crowd.

It's the largest parade I've been in...
and I've been in over 20 since June.
It's wonderful. I love coming back to Flint.
It's my third trip here, and I love it.

Any message to the people of Flint?
Keep your fingers crossed for me
as I go for the gold in two weeks...

and hopefully bring back a crown
for Flint and the Michigan state.

Two weeks later, she got her wish.
Our new Miss America...
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, Miss Michigan!
This is probably Number 15
I've been here and evicted someone.

- From this house?
- Yes.

Daryl? Sheriff's department.
Get your clothes on.
We're here to put you out.