Roger & Me

The chairman of General Motors is just
another member of our organization.

He's an important individual, but no more
important than any other member.

I wasn't having much success
bringing Roger to Flint.

The mayor, though, was having better luck
with an even higher authority.

He paid TV evangelist
Robert Schuller $20,000...

to come to Flint and rid the city
of its unemployment plague.

Tough times don't last,
but tough people do.

Thousands filled the city's hockey arena
to hear his message of hope.

Pull your way out of poverty!
You won't pull your way
from poverty to prosperity...

until you realize you have to be
humble enough to say, "I need help."

By then what happens is
you can turn your hurt into a halo.

The sorrow becomes a servant.
Just because you've got problems...
is no excuse to be unhappy.
Maybe Reverend Schuller was right.
Things could be worse,
and there was much to be thankful for...

like the Star Theatre of Flint...
funded with GM money
to provide entertainment and escape...

during Flint's hard times.
Buick City, this is called.
Rednecks, hardhat automotive workers.
We bring Broadway
and the theater to them...

in this beautiful edifice.
But that takes money, time, effort, energy.

Bobby Vinton opened our season.
It was 90 percent sold out. It was a big hit.