Sex, Lies, and Videotape

I wish you'd quit
that bartending job of yours.

I hate the thought
of all those guys hittin' on you.

I can handle it.
I'm sure.
Besides, the money is good,
and some of the guys are cute.

And you are in no position to be jealous.
Who said I was jealous?
I did.
You know, I'd like to do it
at your house sometime.

I must admit, the idea of doin' it in my
sister's bed gives me a perverse thrill.

I wish I could just come right out
and tell everyone Ann's a lousy lay.

The beautiful, the popular
Ann Bishop Millaney.

- Could be risky.
- How about I just start a rumour, then?

- No, no, I mean doin' it at my house.
- Afraid of gettin' caught?

You should be.
- Can I meet this friend of yours?
- Who, Graham?

I gotta tell you, we were very close
many years ago, but I...

I think we're very different now.

- Yes?
- Ann? Uh, my name is Graham Dalton.