Sex, Lies, and Videotape

She's a prisoner of public television now.
How do you like being married?
I like it just fine.
What about it do you like? I...
- I don't mean to be critical. I'm curious.
- No, no, no, no. That's OK. Uh...

Well... you know the cliche
about the security of it?

Well, that's true.
And, um, we own this house.
It's a nice house. And...
John was just made junior partner,
and I really like that.

You know, I like the fact that he's just not,
you know, freelance or whatever.

So, how long has it been
since you've seen John?

- Nine years.
- Nine years?

Yeah. I was surprised he invited me
to stay here until I found a place.

- Didn't you know him very well?
- Oh, no, I knew him very well.

John and I...
were very much alike.
That's kinda hard to believe.
I mean, you just seem so different now.

Yeah. Well, I would imagine
we are pretty different now.

- I'm ready to use the bathroom, finally.
- OK.

Graham. I gotta tell you, I almost
called the cops when I saw you today.

I thought to myself
"This couldn't possibly be the same guy

that once held private services in
the back of the chapel on a weekly basis".