Sex, Lies, and Videotape

that I didn't hear.
I don't have any idea, really, what you
or Ann said about me or anything else.

- Do you want some iced tea?
- Sure.

I don't have any lemons.
The last time I saw Ann she left here
very confused, I'd say, and upset.

She still is.
So, are you here to make me feel bad
for makin' her feel bad?

- She didn't tell you why she was upset?
- No.

So, I don't understand
what made you wanna come here.

I can't imagine Ann painted
a very flattering portrait of me.

Yeah, well, see, um, I don't really
listen to Ann when it comes to men.

I mean, look at John, for Christ's sake.
But then, you went to school
with him, didn't you?

You're probably friends or somethin'.
No, I think John is a liar.
I think you're right.
So come on, I came all the way over here
to find out what got Ann so spooked.

Why don't you tell me what happened?
"Spooked"? The videotapes
are what got Ann so spooked.