Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Is this how you get off? Tapin' women
talkin' about their sexual experiences?

- Yes.
- Would anyone else see the tape?

Absolutely not. Nobody else
sees the tapes ex cept for me.

How long will it take?
Well, that depends on you.
One woman used up only three minutes.

And another used three two-hour tapes.
How do we start?
I turn on the camera and you start talking.
Do I sit or stand?
- What do you prefer?
- I'd prefer to sit.

Are you ready?
OK, I'm recording.
- So tell me your name.
- Cynthia... Patrice... Bishop.

- You can speak in a normal voice.
- OK.

So, describe for me
your first sexual experience.

First sexual experience
or first time I had intercourse?

- First sexual experience.
- Sexual experience.

I was... uh... eight.
And, uh...
Is this the kinda thing that...? Yeah, OK.

I was eight years old, and, um,
Michael Green, who was also eight,

asked if he could watch me take a pee.
And I said he could
if I could watch him take one, too.