The Abyss

We need to get unhooked
and get out of here now!

- All right. Do it, then.
- No problem, except your boys

went sightseeing with Flatbed. My people
need Flatbed to get unhooked at their end.

- Back in two hours.
- Two hours?!

We're gonna get the shit kicked out of us
by our pal Fred in two hours!

OK. Set cold tab fitting to 200psi.
- Set.
- There she goes.

- She's breakin'loose.
- Bringin'her up.

All right.
Clear the hatch.
Go on with it.
Go on. That's it. Up.
Sir, the missile looks intact.
Little is known about the events
leading up to the collision.

The US Navy guided missile cruiser Appleton
apparently struck the Soviet Udaloy class
destroyer in low visibility conditions.

In violent seas, little hope remains
for over 100 Russian crewmen,

still missing after the sinking an hour ago.
Soviet military spokesmen

have claimed that the collision
constituted an unprovoked attack.

- This was denied by...
- Bud, this is big time.

...who said that Captain Michael Sweeney...
- OK. It's clear.
- It's all yours, sir.

I'm gonna swing it away and drop it.
Check. OK.
Bypass the ground connection
on the separation sequencer.

- Got it?
- Separation sequencer disconnected.

Remove explosive bolts one through six
- in counterclockwise sequence.
- Check. Removing bolt one.

Negotiators have walked out
of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

in protest over the incident this morning.
The deterioration of relations
with the United States...

Soviet build-up of tanks
and aircraft has continued.

...this morning, all US and NATO military
forces have been put on full alert.