The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Your Majesty, what a great pleasure
it is to see you again.

May I introduce
my friend Sally?

Sally, King of the Moon.
Well, his head at any rate.

I'm sorry, you must refer to me
by my complete title...

King of Everything...
Re di Tutto,
but you may call me "Ray."

The moon is a very insignificant
part of my domain now.

There is so much, much more.
My old friend, you seem to be
in some discomfort.

What ails you?
Nothing ails me. Can you not see
that I am at one with the cosmos?

I tell you that,
and all you can say is, "ah"?

What are you blind?
Baron, let me explain it to you.
Since you were last here, I, that is
my head, that which is left of me...

where the brilliant
and important parts are located...

is now ruling and governing
the known universe.

And that which I don't know,
I create.

I just created spring.
But seriously, without me,
there would be nothing. Not even you.

I think, therefore you is.
Your old friend's a lunatic.
So it would seem.
Certainly fallen prey
to delusions of grandeur.

Being in tune with every molecule
in the universe...

requires a great deal
of concentration.

That is why having you on the loose,
Baron, does not help.

You see, your little stories
are somewhat of a distraction to me.

You are like a mosquito
in the Taj Mahal.

I must inform you, My Liege, without
my adventures, you wouldn't be here.

Well, so I am now part
of your adventures.

Well, we shall see
about that, huh?