The War of the Roses

I said if I never smoke this One cigarette...
..I'll never smoke again, period.
13 years I kept that cigarette.
I had this little case made for it.
13 years.
And then, one Thursday afternoon,...
..Barbara came to see me.
And when she left...
you know where I am
if you change your mind.

Barbara and Oliver Rose.
you'd have heard of 'em, except I kept
what happened out of the papers.

I think you should hear the story, though.
It might matter to you.

I won't start the clock yet.
My fee is $450 an hour.
When a man who makes $450 an hour
wants to tell you something for free,...

:04:20 should listen.
They met... Great.
They agreed on that.
But, the way I saw it,
the poor bastards never had a chance.

It was the final day of the season
in Nantucket.

A nor'easter was blowing
the last of the tourists off the island.