Another 48 Hrs.

l don't wanna get into a bar fight.
People always get into bar fights,
it's a cliché.

You see it in the motion pictures.
People get kicked in the head,
beer bottles and furniture...

l'm kicking two years out of your ass!
Have you got a gun?
ln case they stick the place up.

All right, knock this shit off.
l have been having a bad day.
l just got out ofjail.

Already l've been shot at. l was
on a bus that flipped over 17 times.

A bitch tried to stab me,
and somebody blew up my Porsche.

l usually don't jump in
when somebody's getting beat down,

but Jack Cates
is helping me straighten things out.

- Now let us go about our business.
- Because you've got a gun?