I do have medical plates.
Oh, right. You're that new doctor.
- Ross Jennings.
- Sheriff Lloyd Parsons.

You're a Yale grad, I heard.
That's right.
Well, it's just a school, isn't it?
That's enough, Lloyd Parsons.
A young doctor comes to Canaima
and you write him a parking ticket?

- What are you doing, Ms Hollins?
- What the whole town ought to do.

Your ticker tape parade.
- Thank you.
- That's littering.

Lloyd's been a bully since the 5th grade.
I ought to know, I held him back.
Walk me to my automobile.
Thank you for the swift intervention.
- How did you know who I was?
- We're neighbours.

I gave you a standing ovation
when you arrived.

Between you and me, Sam Metcalf
only recently gave up leeches.

He also recently gave up retirement.
We moved from San Francisco
with the understanding

that I would inherit all of his patients,
but now I have none.

No, Dr Jennings, you have one.
Honey, look at this light.
On the best day in the city,
we didn't get light like this.

Maybe they'll give me a show in town.
Don't they do that in little towns?
In the town hall?

"Molly Jennings, a retrospective."
Of course, I'll need to
take some pictures first.

There's good news and there's bad news.
Should we go in reverse-alphabetical
order and start with the good?

I'm seeing my first patient this afternoon.
She's a great old dame,
she lives just up the road.

Terrific. What's the bad news?
She's my only patient.
Metcalf changed his mind.
- What?
- Yeah.