Let's get his helmet off.
Real easy. Support his head, coach.
Real gentle.
From what I hear,
it wasn't a very hard tackle.

I only wish I knew, you see
Dr Jennings examined him last.
Why so gloomy?
Bunny Beechwood says that
everybody's calling you Dr Death.

That's just silly, Shelley.
And they say you want to
cut people up into little pieces.

Tom, look...
It's called an autopsy.
It's not a very pleasant thing,
but sometimes it's the only way to find out
what really happened to a person.

But some doctors who should know better
won't accept that.

But some doctors who should know better
just won't accept

that their big-city methods
don't sit well in a small town.

Both Margaret and that poor boy
did seem to be quite healthy.

It's a bit odd, don't you think, Sam?
If I autopsied everyone
who ever died of a heart attack

I'd be run out of Canaima so fast...
Poor Sam. You still think life is
a popularity contest.

You're not jealous of
our new young doctor, are you?

Now you made me lose my timing.
You're yelling, Sam.
Come on to bed.
I need a shower.