- Lucy, may I have your hand?
- Take me away from this place.

- Wrong. It is here.
- I guess I lose.

I guess your luck is changing...
Very nice.

- How is it going?
- How is it going?

Yes, how do you feel?
Well, my parents are dead,
my wife is in an institution, -

- my son has disappeared
out West somewhere...

I feel old and I feel swindled.
That is how I feel.

I stopped by the hobby shop
and got more pencils.

And I got this...
A small T-square.
I can use that, yes.
That is really nice.
- I will be right back.
- Leonard?

He never talked about girls before.
He certainly never had
anything to do with them.

It is a bit ridiculous, all this
girl business. Do you not think so?

He is a grown man.
He said I should take a vacation.
Go away for a few days and relax.

I am sure he meant
you deserve a vacation, which you do.

I cannot leave him alone in this place.
He would die without me.