Cadillac Man

Well, I know. Get on
your horse, cowboy.

Call all your old clients,
I'll toss you a few leads.

Do whatever you've got to do
to get people in here.

You've got to sell,
sell, sell, Joey.

It would be terrible
if you werert here anymore.

It'd be a total
fucking disaster.

Wake up over there.
Wash my car, will you?

Do a good job for once.
I don't care
who your old man is.

Chopsticks. I'm buying.
I'm not talking
about this bullshit now.

Humor him. We'll make it
like the old days.

Anything can happen.
Look at Russia.

If things don't
work out here...

I can sell Lincolns
in Lithuania.

That's a good idea.
Brought that color
right around, huh?

You stop talking now.
Time to eat.

Shu mai pork.
Give me some of those shrimp.
Back off. That's not for you.
That's for better table.

This one's for you.
Three, maybe, huh?

Two. Ain't gonna
buy out that easy.

Three! You big man.
You need to eat a lot.

What, are you
working on commission?

I mean, you'd sell
the soles off your feet.

You shut up.
You no mess with me, OK?

You have any cat today?
No more. Finish,
but this is special for you.

This monkey brain.
Helen, that's not
the monkey's brain.

Look at that. That's
a different part of the monkey.

Stop playing with it.
Now, eat it.

This... the bear's balls.
You shut up. Eat.
Honey. Do it again.
And then he got a car.
You boys talking dirty again?
Mrs. Turgeon wants
you to call her, now.

Wife calls, crack the balls.
Hey, that's my mother, Benny.
You guys want me
to keep treating lunch...

just remember,
you have to sell...

every damn car
on my lot tomorrow...