Conte de printemps

...where he keeps his keys.
When he took out his keys
he felt it in his pocket...

...and thought the first thing he'd do...
...was put it back in the jewelry box.
The telephone rang, he went to answer...
...he forgot about the necklace
and changed his suit.

If the necklace was in his pocket,
it could've fallen out.

That's what seems obvious.
The problem is,
it wasn't on the floor of the closet.

Or anywhere else.
Not in the closet,
not in the bedroom, nor anywhere else.

Are you sure your father's telling the truth?
How sure can we be of anything?
Why would he make up
such a complicated story...

...and say he wanted to give it to me
when he wanted to give it to her?

There's a better explanation.
When I came home, a few days earlier...
...I found Eve making my father
try on his old suits.

He tends to accumulate things
and she helps him sort them out.

One of her rare good points.
It's quite possible that she,
when rifling through the closet...

...found the necklace,
either on the floor or in the pocket...

...and stole it.
When we get back, I'll show you.
It was a pair of trousers like this.
With flat pockets,
it could've easily fallen out.

We can try with my necklace.
Let's see.
So, he folded the trousers
to hang them up....

-lt would've made noise.

I forgot to tell you, I was there.
There? Where? When?
The living room, when Dad came in.
I was playing piano,
it must've drowned out the noise.

I answered the phone,
just as he opened the door.

It was Eve,
calling to remind him of something.

They spoke briefly,
and I started playing again.