Conte de printemps

Jeanne, stay here.
I said yes. Isn't that enough?
All the more reason.
You got what you asked for, it's over.
I can't ask for anything else?
I gave you three things. That's a lot.
Do you know the tale The Three Wishes?
A couple is given three wishes.
The husband wishes for a sausage.
The wife, furious with him,
wishes that it hangs from his nose.

The only thing left to do is wish it off.
You chose your wishes well.
I could've asked for more.
Yes, but it's too late.
-You'd have granted them?

It's not what you asked for, but how
you asked that caught me off guard.

-Were you shocked?
-No, surprised.

I'm often taken by surprise.
You're quite good at it.
I don't usually do that.
I follow my instincts,
it's always worked before.

Even when it's serious?
If you were seriously in love with me...
...would you have done that,
at the risk of ruining everything?

What proof do you have that
I'm not seriously in love with you?

What you just did.
-That's not proof.
-lt is.

I'm not in love with you, but I could be.
In a way, I want to be.
If I acted so suddenly...
:29:45's because I didn't want to be trapped
by your strategy.

My strategy? What strategy?
The one to normalize or sterilize,
to remove the erotic from our interaction.

I'm your friend's father, I'm taboo.