Dances with Wolves

Some of your words
are wrong, but you are learning fast.

So what can you tell me today?
I want to know about Stands With A Fist.
Why is there no man with her?
She is in mourning.
I do not understand ''mourning''.
She cries for someone.
Cries for who?
It is not polite to speak of the dead.
But you are new, so I will tell you.
She cries for her husband.
He was killed not Iong ago.

That is how you came
to find her on the prairie.

How Iong will she cry?
It is Kicking Bird's place
to say when she is finished.

He's the one that found her
when she was very Iittle.

PeopIe are talking about you.
What are they saying?
They are proud of the medicine...
:19:53 are making
with Dances With WoIves.