Desperate Hours

So what?
What do we do now?
You idiot!
You see what happens
when you lie, Nora?

You're lucky you're still alive.
Get Timmy upstairs now.

You need stitches.
May, help me with this.

Are you OK, Daddy?
We'll get through this.
Put your finger up there.
Tim, you can't go on
taking chances like that.

You can't!
There's nothing else to do,
Nora. Come on. OK.

Move your hand, Zack.
Zack, I'm gonna be OK.
Everything's gonna be fine.

They'll leave soon.
Rip me off some tape.
Daddy, why don't you
shoot them with Mommy's gun?

What? You got a gun?
When'd you get a gun?

- I bought it when you left.
- Why?

I was scared at night.
I was afraid at night!

You've got a gun?
Where is the gun, Mom?
It's up on top of that cabinet.
More tape.
Tape! Hurry, Zack!

I'm trying, Mommy.