Dick Tracy

Yesterday things were out of hand
Now they're under control
Bye-bye, blues
So long, adversity

Happiness, hello, hello, hello
Keep the status quo
Permanently so
Back again like a boomerang
Same old stand, same old gang
Back in business with a bang
Let the good times roll
Back in business, and ain't it grand
Let the good times roll
Back to normal, back to usual
Let the fun resume
No more doom and gloom
No more bust, just boom
Back in business, and overnight
In demand
Well, all right

Business is just dynamite
Let the good times roll
Tracy didn't do it, Chief.
I know he didn't do it.

Well, you did the right thing
to call me, Kid.

Tracy's in real bad shape about Tess.
She's still missing,
and we haven't a clue.

It looks like a kidnapping,
but nobody's asked for a ransom.

- Tracy's the only one who can find her.
- Judge said, "No bail."

He didn't do it, Chief.
He didn't do it.

Why would somebody kidnap Tess
and not even ask for a ransom?

If I can just get back
on that street--

I'll leave you two alone for a minute.
It'll be anytime now.

The state police will be comin'
to transfer you from the city jail
to the county jail in a little while.

How's the food?
- How's the food at the orphanage?
- It's good.