Die Hard 2

Look, l'm a cop. LAPD.
Oh, l was in LA once. Hated it.
l can understand.
l don't like it much... Hey!

That's a plastic fender up there!
Take it easy!

Cut me some slack, will you?
l was a cop in New York City.
l only moved to LA
because my wife took ajob there.

What do you say?
Here we are, Washington, DC,
the heart of democracy.

One hand washes the other.
Come on, man. lt's Christmas.
So ask Santa Claus
to give you another car.

Merry Christmas, pal.
lt's all yours, Murray.
Son of a bitch.
(children singing Carol OfThe Bells)
Yeah, l know that, Larry.
(TV) Snowflurries
along the northeastern seaboard...

Hi. Where are the telephones?
- Over there.
- Thank you very much.

(TV) LeonardAdkins is in a warmer clime...
..with a story thatgrows
hotter by the minute.

Security was tight today
at Escalan airportin Valverde,...

..where governmentauthorities report...
..that deposedgeneralRamon Esperanza...
..will be delivered
for extradition to the United States.

Only two years ago,
General Esperanza...

..led his country's armyin a campaign
against communistinsurgents,...

..a campaign fought with
American moneyandadvisers.

Esperanza's fall from power
caused ripples...

..in his country's recent election,
and closer to home as well,...

..when high-ranking
Pentagon officials were charged...

..with supplying him with weapons
despite the Congressionalban.

Evidence thatEsperanza's forces...
..violated the neutrality
ofneighbouring countries...