DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp

- ..spending the night.
- We're back.

Children, l think your uncle
has something to say to you.

Aye. Welcome home.
Can l get you and Gene anything?
Cookies? Milk? lce cream?

- No, thanks. We're kind of full.
- And sleepy.

That's because it's past your bedtime.
Scoot along, my wee ones.

Good night, Uncle Scrooge.
- Nighty-night.
- Sleep tight.

That's telling them, sir.
So this is how it feels
to be one of the guys.

- lt's all l've ever wished for.
- How many wishes do we have left?

- Just my last one. And Webby's.
- We'd better make sure they're special.

lt's him!
Hide me! Hurry! Chase him away!
But it's just an old owl.
- An owl?
- He comes around here every night.

l thought it was my meanest master,
the one Collie Baba stole the lamp from.

- Your master was a bird?
- He could change into anything.

- He's an evil sorcerer.
- But he can't still be alive.

- He'd be ancient.
- Yeah. Older than Uncle Scrooge even.

Except his first wish
was to live for ever.

Good wisher.
Bad wisher. You don't know.
He made me do the worst things.

Like what?
D'you ever hear of Atlantis?
lt was everybody's favourite resort
until Merlock couldn't get reservations.

Then down she went. And poor Pompeii.