DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Genie, l've decided on my first
important act as a rich man.

l shall plan a vacation. l wonder
which country l shall be visiting first.

Are you sure it's safe to travel?
Merlock could be close.

Do not worry, Genie, l have planned
to take a small army of bodyguards.

Whoever said that money
can't buy peace of mind

must have had the brains
of a garbanzo bean.

Oh, no!
Give that back, you dirty...
Please, Merlock.
No wishes. l can't take 'em.

Relax. lt's going to be
like old times again.

Come on. We gotta help.
My talisman now gives me
unlimited wishes, Scrooge.

- And where are you going?
- Just outside, master.

You and Genie
have so much to catch up on,

l thought you might be wanting
a few minutes alone.

- l know l would.
- Genie.

l wish you would turn this
disloyal swine into something fitting.

Just like old times all right.