Edward Scissorhands

They're getting the head of the company!
- I'm home!
- Hi, honey. We're in here.

What did you do to your hair?
Edward cut it. Isn't it wild?
Hello? Oh, I can't believe
I'm talking to you in person.

This is such an honour.
Yes. He's right here.
So then you know all about it.
Well, that's exactly
what I've been using.

Well, I've had a little trouble getting it
the right consistency... well, just a little.

I'll try that.
Well, what imaginative suggestions.
I sure will. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.
No wonder she's the head of the company.
You know, she started out as
a sales representative just like me.

I've always wanted to talk to her,
but until now I never had a reason.

Thanks, Edward.
- She had some ideas?
- You bet she did.