Fire Birds

We were working with local
military anti-drug forces...

a search and destroy
mission on cocaine labs.

Lt. Dobbs and I had trained
local pilots in Cobras...

for their own
strike forces.

This is Snake Two...
entering sector 4079.
Advise operations
of our position.

Wilco, Dobbs.
How's the view up front?

I'll be glad
when we get out of this canyon.

I was flying wing
with Captain Tejada.

Lt. Dobbs,
the other American...

was with
Captain Mendez.

Between the 2 Cobras was
a Black Hawk helicopter...

with a support team
of American...

and South American
D.E.A. agents.

It was our
4th mission as a team.

We were entering
a new sector.

It was rumored
among the locals...

that this was an area
of offensive cartel activity...

but we were
used to such rumors.

We were 5 miles
from the objective...

when we saw the Scorpion
attack helicopter.

Dobbs, bogey at your 12:00!
Black Hawk,
get the hell out of there.

The Black Hawk
began evasive action...

but the Scorpion
was too fast...

heavily armed,
and hard to find.

The pilot was
the best I'd ever seen.

I tried to pull the Scorpion
away from the Black Hawk...