Fire Birds

The cartel has them outpaid,
outmanned, and outgunned.

Knowing that,
they still went out.

They didn't
stand a chance.

They're heroes,
and they should be avenged.

It's more
complicated than that.

I think it's
very simple.

They killed our people
and they killed our friends.

Their drugs kill
Americans every day.

It's a war, and it's
our duty to fight.

Thank you.
You are excused.

Does anyone else
feel as frustrated as I do?

Yes, but it's a complex problem.
We have an executive mandate
to stop the drug cartel.

That pilot out there has
the clearest take on this mess.

We are at war, and we deal
with the problem as such.

Should we go back to the
same sort of operation?

The D.E.A. is fighting
a war with its hands tied...

and we're losing.
Not anymore.
General Olcott,
I want a task force.

- I want that operation taken out.
- Yes, sir.

My Apache crews are
trained for ground support...

not for
air-to-air combat.

If this enemy helicopter
is as good as we hear...

I need help
to bring him down.

you want.

Who is this enemy pilot,
and what's his support like?

I've got to have
Brad Little and his team.

I want them
at Fort Mitchell.

This is a
need-to-know operation.

All reports
eyes-only to me.

And that Preston...
see if you can
keep him in the mix.

Will do.
Yes, sir.
You've seen
this bogey work.

Can the Apache
stand up to it?

It is the only
aircraft that will.

How soon can you
fly the bird?