Fire Birds

- What?
- 2.3, sir.

- You have a problem with women in the army?
- Not with all of them.

Just that one.
I'll see you
at 0700.

The cartel has made
the decision to go...

on the offensive and expand
into neighboring countries.

They've brought in Cuban
arms and an advisory team.

They've hired Eric Stoller,
a crack pilot and mercenary...

to ride shotgun
on their missions.

His terrorist training
was in Europe and North Korea.

Now he sells his expertise
to the highest bidder.

In this tape, our D.E.A. team
thought they had him cornered...

but it was a setup.
Stoller acted as a decoy
and drew them in.

There's a booby-trapped bomb
waiting for those men.

Watch for the box
at the bottom of the screen.

Everyone in Washington
knows what we're up against.

This guy's
a killer.

We need to support
the D.E.A....

and that means dealing
with Stoller air-to-air.

I'd like to be considered
for the Apache task force.

I need you here.
Nobody better
than I am.

It's your job to convey
that knowledge and experience...

to these young pilots.
When the time comes to use the experience,
I want to fly this mission.

- Is Janet joining you?
- This afternoon.

- You want to fly and get shot at?
- Affirmative.

We can't afford
to lose you.

-Just one drink.
- No.

It's your birthday.
Let's have fun.

I'm 40 years old,
and I want to go home.

At ease, Little.
Everybody does what they
want on their birthday.

Oh, no!