Fire Birds

Whoever sees
the other first is the winner.

Whoever gets seen first
is toast.

The land mass behind which
you can hide is your friend.

The open sky in which
you cannot hide is your enemy.

Just remember this:
once a battle has been engaged,
somebody is gonna die.

You do not have the speed
to run from a fight.

When you engage...
you must bring the nose of your
aircraft to bear on the bogey.

Unmasking, pop-ups,
pedal turns, hovers...

could all
be combined...

to effect your
nose-on position.

Put your weapons on the target.
The optimum attack position is?

Above and behind
on a 6:00.

- The optimum kill shot is...?
- Down through the rotor blades.

Some of you have been
paying attention.

I thought you were all
dreaming about women.

You're dismissed.
Stay out
of trouble.

What kind of women
do you think come here?

I don't know.
Scandalous women.

- The kind that you like, Breaker.
- You, too,Jake...

there's Billie.