Fire Birds

I hear there's
a great place...

a couple miles
up a dirt road...

- where we can swim sans clothes.
- I gotta get back.

No. Today is sangria day.
I can't.
I've got a F.L.I.R. flight
with Scott in 2 hours.

Just call the buzz man
and tell him you have plans.

You want to make
the mission, right?

If you had a choice between
a flight with Little...

- or a picnic with me, what would you do?
- Do I have to ask first?

If you ask me first, I'll
go anywhere you tell me.

You go alone.
Good thing
about the army.

I only take orders
from my superiors.

You drive a scout.
I drive the Apache.

I am your superior.

Get in and I'll
drive you home.

Come on,Jake.
I'm driving!
Thank you.
I'm sorry about
the sangria.

Don't you ever
want me to win?

Today you are entering...
the final phase of
aerial combat training.

You will engage
in air-to-air combat...

with your
flight instructors.

Your scores today will be
the determining factor...

for selection to
the Apache task force.

Good luck,

Thanks for getting me
through the bag.

It's my job.
You've done very well.

I'm glad
to see it.

Just so you know...