Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Lewis, it's like I've always said:
"If you want to find something weird,
you have to go downtown."

The Futtermans come to town tomorrow.
Mr. Futterman must be better
if he can travel.

His wife says he is better.
He was just rattled.

Having monsters drive a snowplow
through your house will do that.

Well, he was almost killed.
- These people are so rude!
- Honey, what time is it?

God, we're late. There's a cab.
- You going airport?
- No. Actually, I'm just...

After all this time,
I'm still in the same job.

It takes time, Billy.
In Kingston Falls,
I'd have been promoted by now.

And you'd hate it.
At least we could afford a decent
place to live. Get married.

Welcome to the Clamp Entry-matic...
... a revolution in revolving door
precision and efficiency.