Gremlins 2: The New Batch

...which includes construction,
sports, finance...

...and a popular line
of jams and jellies.

For those with cable TV at home...
...CCN is located right here
in the building.

The Attack of the Octopus People.
That's tonight's movie.
And, boy, is it scary.

It's so scary,
it'll uncross your eyes.

It's a good thing that your
Grandpa Fred is here to protect you.

- Where's the moan?
- The what?

There's supposed to be a moan here
from the coffin.

Then I say, "Renfield,
you want more flies?"

And then I go over
to the coffin and I...

Sorry, Fred.
- Hey, Fred.
- Oh, hi, Billy.

I heard about your new time slot.
They're making a big mistake.

Mistake? Kid, it's a disaster.
People who watch TV at 3:30 a.m.
Don't fear the Wolfman.

What scares them is getting sober
and finding work.

- Look.
- Watch it with that thing.

- Isn't that great?
- Sure.

- You could use it on your show.
- Sure. Put it in the back, will you?

Frankly, kid...
...this isn't what I had in mind.
I went into broadcasting,
I thought I was gonna do news...

...public affairs...
...something meaningful.
I don't even have a gimmick.
No special effects.
All I have is a cross-eyed
puppet named lgor.

The elevator doors have opened.
You should run classic horror movies
like Frankenstein or Dracula.

Great horror movies are in black
and white. Mr. Clamp only likes color.