Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Yeah. Me too.
So, what are you doing here?
What were those guys doing to you?

Wow. That bad, huh?
You wanna come out?
Come here. It's okay.

Come with me. I got you.
I'll take care of you.

Everything's gonna be fine.
- What is this? A black armband?
- Armband.

Is that what happened to the man
who took care of you?

You've got to be quiet. You don't want
to go back to the laboratory, do you?

So do me a favor.
Get down there and don't say anything.

I'll come back and take you home
as soon as possible.

Okay, that's a good boy. Bye-bye.
It's him! He's here!
Oh, Giz, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? How's your hand?

Look, he's here. You have to get down.
I'm Marla Bloodstone, the department
head here. If there's anything I can...

That's okay. Everybody just relax.
Go on about what you'd
be doing normally.

I know I haven't been here before,
but that'll change. I'll be more...

...hands-on with these
operations from now on.

- This is excellent!
- Isn't that terrific?

You've captured the whole
essence of the project.

Look at the kids with the kites.
That's warmth. I like warmth.

- What's your name?
- Billy. William Peltzer, sir.

Bill, huh? That's what we need here:
People who produce.