Gremlins 2: The New Batch

I just can't leave
on such short notice.

What is with that drawer, Billy?
- You keeping a pet in there?
- I'm allergic to pets.

It's good Mr. Clamp likes you
because... Let me see.

Maybe tonight would be the best.
There's a chic new Canadian restaurant.
They clean the fish at your table.

- Really? That sounds terrific.
- Just let me grab my bag.

Now, listen. I have to go.
I'll send someone to pick you up.
So just stay put.

- Billy.
- Yeah...

Yeah. Sure, I'm ready.
We may see Woody.
They say he eats there incessantly.

- Katie?
- Hi, honey. I'm almost ready.

- I just gotta punch out.
- Hi.

I'm not able to go out
with you tonight. I'm sorry.

- I've got a meeting with some people.
- A meeting? Great.

Listen, I got a big favor
to ask of you.

- Gizmo's here and he...
- That furry thing?

Yeah. He's up in my desk drawer.
Don't do that.
I hate it when you do that.

There's good news.
You get to take him home.

- Take him home? Our home?
- Yes.

- No!
- Why not?

What if they start
running around New York?

They won't, I promise.
Just obey the rules.

- The rules!
- Remember the first one?

Don't expose them to bright light
because it kills them.