Gremlins 2: The New Batch

So did you always know
you wanted to be an artist?

I always knew I liked to draw.
When I was a kid, I drew comics.
I had this box of crayons...

I had crayons!
I used them to write memos
to the other kids. Even then, I knew.

That's really something.
We're finally getting to know each
other. You can't do that in an office.

- It's all business.
- Exactly!

Let's talk about your relationship
to Mr. Clamp. Your access.

I see a future. I see corner offices,
embossed letterhead.

I see us swallowing
the publicity department.

Really? Wow...
Gosh. I'm feeling so vulnerable
with you, Billy.

I've never talked
about these feelings before.

When art and business join forces,
anything can happen.

I definitely feel we should join...
This is a Canadian dessert,
chocolate mousse.

Can I cut you an antler?
No, thank you.
You okay? You want another Molson?
No, thanks. Really, I'm fine.
I gotta go. I got this appointment.
I'm in a hurry.

- I'm sorry about your stocking.
- That's okay, Billy.

- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah, great.

How about some horn?
Okay, Gizmo.
Billy said to feed you before
midnight. He didn't say what you like.

I hope this is okay.
It's chicken and mashed potatoes...

Oh, God!
Try to be a little more careful
around here, okay?

We don't have money to replace things.