Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Of course you did!
The thing is, you can't stay tonight.
I'd love it if you could.

It's just, the building is being...
- Being renovated.

- Mice and stuff.
- Rats.

No sweat. We'll book into a hotel.
- You know, mice and bugs...
- Hey, that's okay.

You can't be too careful.
There's all kinds of foreign bugs.

Your mom baked you an apple pie.
Someone sat on it.
I'm sure it'll taste okay.

Your dad's got some new inventions.
Reversible toilet paper.

We'll call you tomorrow
and have dinner.

- Okay, great.
- Good! Marvelous.

- Tomorrow.
- Bye. I'm sorry.

- That's okay.
- Welcome to New York!

Okay, that's a Kona praline
with kiwis and peanut butter cups?

Wait. Are the
peanut butter cups all-natural?

I'm not sure. Are the
peanut butter cups all-natural?

I know they're pesticide-free.
It's not the same.
They put other things in.

It comes off when they roast them.
Roasting is the worst.
Where they don't roast,
they have 70% less death.

Sure that isn't pickling?
How can you work with this
and not read studies?

It's a rat!
- Oh, my God!
- What's going on?

- Did she say there are rats?
- No rats.

That's not what she said.
The Clamp Entry-matic doors are being
upgraded to serve you better.

Please use the manual doors
for your entering and exiting needs.

A head came up, with big ears.
There was a thing in the topping.

- What kind of thing?
- A furry thing.