Gremlins 2: The New Batch

It's supposed to be health food.
I want damages!
- They've eaten after midnight.
- Come on.

Sorry I brought the wrong one home.
It's my fault. I shouldn't have left
Gizmo. We gotta find him.

It's along here.
There. That's where the water
comes into the building.

Give me video.
At least we can keep them
from getting wet.

Hold it! Get the hell out of there.
Move it! Come on, move!
Looks like I caught a terrorist.
What's in the bag?

- Nothing.
- Yeah? Let's look at that nothing.

- I wouldn't do this if I were you.
- But you aren't me, are you?

- We gotta find him before he eats.
- He already ate.

There are more of them.
We gotta shut the building down.

We? We!
No, "we" gotta get the cops
and put you in a rubber room.

I'm not crazy. They're dangerous.
I've dealt with them.
They wreck things.

Ooh! They wreck things!
- Remember this town, Kingston Falls?
- I remember the Kingston Trio.