Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Sure. You're young.
You know everything.
Bright light.
We'll need some of these.

Con Ed.
Gizmo, zap, zap!
I have to go to systems control.
- Kate, you're up.
- Good morning, Billy.

Oh, hi.
Last night was wonderful.
We have to do it again.

Marla, this is Kate.
My goodness, I have to go right away.

- Hi.
- Cute hat.

Honey, that's my boss.
That's the woman I work with.

If we get through today alive,
you're in big trouble.

But you don't think that...
- Peltzer...!
- I need to speak with you.

You got arrested but you've come back.
Miss us?

- You gotta evacuate the building.
- Why?

There are creatures in it.
They start out small and furry.

If they eat after midnight,
they form cocoons...

- You're having a psychotic episode.
- You gotta listen.

This is good.
They're furry, then they have cocoons.

They eat, then cocoon.
Sure. You're going into a cocoon,
you wanna eat first.

Now we're in the nerve center
of Clamp Cable Network.

- Mr. Katsuji, please get back in line.
- Please.

If we're very quiet, we can watch a
program being videotaped.

Right this way.