Gremlins 2: The New Batch

This week we have our special
Salute to Luncheon Meats.

Many of you have written, asking
how to zing up party appetizers.

I'm very excited about this recipe.
It's so piquant with sherry.

Some people use a dash.
I use a lot.
So let's just plunge into our
hors d'oeuvres, shall we?

You know, these bologna
and bean dip roll-ups...

...are so easy
when friends drop over.

Okay, wait. What if one of them eats
something at 11:00...

...but something sticks in his teeth?
- A caraway or a sesame seed.

And after 12, it comes out.
He didn't eat it after midnight.

- I didn't make the rules.
- Rules?

What if they're in an airplane
and they cross a time zone?

It's always midnight somewhere.
- Peltzer, is this...?
- Yes, sir.

- Take this, in case it comes back.
- Right.

Before microwaves,
this used to take forever.