Hard To Kill

It's 6 a.m.
Morning, Martha.
What do we got?
"lnquiring minds want to know"?

Doctor Carlin's ordered
a glucose drip for Jimmy C.

Max's E.E.G. monitor's
developing a nice electronic hiccup.

Poor Max!
And your boyfriend turned his head.
He did?
I thought he was going to sit up.
I almost shit.

See you for a cup of tea
in a few minutes.

I knew it.
You moved your head today,
you little devil.

Let's see,
what can I do for you here?

Very nice!
I've got a little surprise for you.
Be right back.
Would you like a little pussy?
A little bitty pussy.
Look what I've got here.

John Doe, can you hear me?
I know my words are getting through.
I don't care what the doctors say.

I'm going to keep
talking to you today. . .

. . .and tomorrow and the day after,
till you respond.

Besides, you've got so much to live for.
Please wake up!