I Love You to Death

What are they, runes?
They're very spiritual stones.
They have metaphysical powers.

And what do they do?
It wouldn't say...

Well, they tell you where you're at.
- I'm at home.
- We're right here. What are you saying?

No, spiritually.
Spiritually, they tell you where you're at.

I don't know if I should.
I'm a Catholic.

- They're not against God or anything.
- Go ahead. Try it.

- What can it hurt?
- Okay.

Oh, this is a good one.
I love this one.

This is strength.
- Strength?
- Yes.

Fast break! Fast break!
Looking good.
Yes! Yes!
Non dimenticar means
Don't forget you are my darling
"The rune of replacement and renewal,
suggesting that the time has come...

...to change the life you're living."
- It doesn't say that. Let me see.
- Sure it does. Look.

Think I made that up?
No, but I know you.
I know what you think.

Rosalie, bring me a beer, will you?
I think you should let him
get his own beer.

I don't mind. He works hard.
I like taking care of him.

There's such a thing
as women's liberation.

- She doesn't have to be a slave.
- That's right.

Last week on TV, I heard about a woman
who stabbed her husband 27 times.

Because he refused to put the top
back on the mustard jar.

Yeah, 27 times.
Can you imagine?
We got any peanuts or pretzels,
something to munch on?

No, I think we're out.
We're always out. My mama's house,
there's always plenty food to eat.

Maybe you should live with her.
- Don't be sarcastic.
- Don't be a nudge.

Don't call me that nudge thing.
Come on. I'm Italian. I like to eat.

I'm Yugoslavian.
I don't like to cook, especially for nudges.

- Yeah, don't call me a nudge.
- Nudge, nudge, nudge.

Give me those shoes.