I Love You to Death

I think it's because of TV,
so much sex and violence.

Yeah, who can figure
what this world's coming to?

Wrong house.
Son of a bitch, bastard!
It was unbelievable. It was by this much.
Come on in. Sit down here.

- I appreciate your coming over so quick.
- Well, it's okay.

Ever hear of it? Trying to hit me with a
baseball bat? My God, it's unbelievable.

Rosalie, what are you doing?
Get Detective Schooner some coffee.

No. I'm okay, Rosalie.
Thank you.

No, she'll make you coffee
in five minutes.

- Thanks, Joey. I'm trying to give it up.
- No, come on, please...

You give up coffee?
- Never heard of that.
- Makes me jumpy.

Rosalie, how about some bacon
and eggs for Larry? He works hard.

Nothing for me, thank you.
Rosalie, please sit down.

I didn't come here for breakfast, Joey.
Okay. From the beginning.
Sure, from the beginning. Okay.
A maniac in an Abraham Lincoln mask
tries to brain me with a baseball bat.

That's the whole story.
Yeah, could you see what he looked like?
Yeah, he looked like Abraham Lincoln
coming up to bat.