I told you the first time you
introduced me to him, he was a twit.

- I didn't ask you over to insult Bill.
- How dare he do this!

You've been complaining
since we started this.

He'll never work in movies again.
If you could have seen his face.
It was frightening.

Nothing like a crisis to bring
the estranged couple together.

Or pull them apart...
...if the gods are smiling.
- Please.

I am simply pointing out that this
could be a blessing in disguise.

Would you consider giving me
a few days?

I shall pretend
I didn't hear that, Audra.

I can replace your imbecilic husband.
I cannot replace you.

Don't even think about leaving, Audra.
You've worked hard
to get where you are.

I know you'd do nothing to imperil that
or damage our business relationship.

Or to turn a friend into an enemy,
ready to crucify you at any cost.

But there's no need
to talk about that now.

See you tomorrow.
International reservations, please.
Yes, I'd like a seat on your next
flight to the United States.