Ju Dou

You took long enough!
There were bandits...
How come they didn't kill you?
How much money is there?
Count it yourself.
Hey, boy!
Tianqing, you're back!
Don't bother to come back

With only that boy for help,
I turned down many orders.

The horse looks much thinner.
Go, now. We start work early
in the morning.

What took you so long?
I was doing all your work.
I did my best,
but those bandits...

Look at my hands...
They're as black as coal.

For all that work your uncle
paid me only two dollars.

The miser!
Your uncle bought himself
another wife. Did you see her?

I just saw the
wedding decorations.

Her name is Ju Dou.
A good-looker...and expensive.
Your uncle is cheap.
Did you know he tortured your
first two aunts to death?

They didn't give him
any children.

It served him right.
Listen how your new aunt...
screams at night.