Ju Dou

Tianqing, I want to tell you...
Your uncle will kill me sooner
or later. I can't go on.

Let him kill me. Don't stop him.
I don't want to live any more.

He does have a bad temper.
He's not human.
He's not a man.

Tianqing, I'll tell you
the truth.

The old man's sick. He can't do it!
All he does is torture me.

I really can't go on.
I can't take it any more.
Did you feed him
during the trip?

Three times a day,
and once at night.

He may have colic.
Zhang wants his light blue...
...and Tsui wants his pink. Here's
the cloth. Don't waste any fuel.

I know.
Go back.
Rest easy, Tianqing.
His horse is sick.
That old jerk
won't be back tonight.

Wake me up tomorrow.
I'll start working early.