The titled aristocracy
are the scum of the Earth.

What really makes me furious
is that you have a whole class of people-

mostly Europeans-
all looking down at me.

You always say ''titled aristocrats.''
What about untitled aristocrats?

I couldn't very well despise them,
could I?

That would be self-hatred,
which is unhealthy.

You're so conceited.
Well, saying that the titled aristocracy
are the scum of the Earth...

is -well, is obviously
an exaggeration.

But - But it's true that the forces
that oblige members of the U.H.B....

to at least appear to act
productively and responsibly...

carries little weight,
or none at all...

with members of society whose social positions
are secure no matter what they do.

So you had a trust fund?
The pieces are beginning to fall into place.

I don't have one anymore.
Well, that's less important.
I mean, so-so - sociologically,
I mean, what's important is...

having grown up with the assumption
of material security.

It - It explains a lot.
I call.
I had no cards.
Why did you call?

I felt like it.
Playing strip poker with an exhibitionist
somehow takes the challenge away.

His name is Frank Goodrich.
He handles some financial things for my father.

Actually, it's a tremendous relief,
not having that hanging over my head anymore.

There was a big load of guilt that went with it,
even though it wasn't that much money...

and I never really counted
on having it.

You're a tragic case. You've just been robbed,
and it's a great relief to you.

In part, regarding the money.
Regarding my relationship with my father,
of course I'm concerned.

He moves to another state
without telling me...

he doesn't write or call me
for over a month...

and basically has me disinherited.