Postcards from the Edge

How did l get to the emergency room?
A man dropped you off unconscious.
l'm not a detective.
l'm here to admit you
and, God willing, help you.

l'd like to ask a few questions.
A guy dropped me off?
Did you try to take your life?
-Oh, please!
-l'm sorry if the question offends you.

But having to have your stomach pumped
indicates fairly suicidal behaviour.

Well, the behaviour might be,
but l'm certainly not.

l want you to know
that l know you're scared.

And that this is
the place to handle it.

l don't really understand
how l almost died. That's not--

That's never what l wanted to do.
What did you want to do?
l don't know.
That's your first step.
l just feel like
if l don't do what you want...

:12:30're gonna leave me.
You'll punish me.

All right, all right.
Let's stop there for the day.

Good work, Carol.
Okay, everybody, before we go,
l'd like to introduce...

...a newcomer, Suzanne,
who's just out of detox.

Hi, Suzanne, and welcome.
Weren't your parents coming tonight?